Darkside Martini Pack

$80.00 AUD

Gaia Trio

Featuring: Darkside, PopCorn Vodka and Caramel Liqueur

Volume: 3 x 200ml

ABV: 20%, 40% and 20%


200ml Darkside 20% ABV: Fuelled by our love of coffee and our long-term relationship with the inspirational Sprocket Coffee Roasters. Darkside is the perfect combination of cold-brewed coffee and triple distilled carbon filtered vodka, featuring a unique nutty flavour derived from native wattle seed. This hand-crafted product channels the essence of the night, inspired by our dark, smooth coffee liqueur with all those fabulous notes of mischief and mystery.

200ml Popcorn Vodka 40% ABV 6.32 Std Drinks: Buttery, salty fun jumps into the over-18 aisles and smashes into vodka infusion. salty sophistication wrapped up in a kernel of Joy.

200ml Caramel Liqueur 20% ABV 3.16 Std Drinks: Slide into a world of blissful indulgence. Our liquid caramel is smooth, scrumptious and sultry. What more can we say, it’s caramel!

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