Minty Mocha Bitters

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Minty Mocha Bitters

Volume: 100ml

ABV: 40%

Base Spirit: Murray’s Vodka

Prominent Notes: Australian Grown Cocoa & Organic Mints

Benefits: Digestive, Rich in phytonutrients, anti-inflammatory

Description: For a more personalised Darkside taste, we are proud to present our Minty Mocha Bitters. Murray’s double distilled carbon filtered vodka infused with Australian grown cocoa beans and organic Mints. We believe that a dash of our Minty Mocha Bitters into your Darkside espresso nightcap will get your tastebuds dancing with Chocmint coffee deliciousness.

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Darkside Bitters Range

The Syrups of the Spiked Coffee World


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House Bitters, G & T, Rose and Clove, Cardamon and Kaffir Lime, Cocoa and Chilli, Christmas, Turmeric and Fenugreek

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