Liqueur 3 Pkt

$79.95 Incl. GST

Caramel, Choc Mint and Musk Liqueurs

3 x 200ml

20% ABV

Caramel Liqueur: Slide into a world of blissful indulgence. Our liquid caramel is smooth, scrumptious and sultry. What more can we say, it’s caramel!

Choc Mint Liqueur: Decadent notes of chocolate dance in your mouth while a swirl of crisp mint washes away any stress or tension you may be carrying. In homage to the past times of the “After Dinner Mint“ we’ve created the perfect night-cap but why limit your options, the perfect all-dayer!

Musk Liqueur: Try this we dare you! Gone are the days of lollies for the kids, this one’s for you! Soft pink candied past times, flavour flooding with memories of fair days, shows and circuses all at the clutch of your hand.

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