Absolem: Absinthe Liqueur

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THAT GREEN STUFF, The Stuff of Legends

5 o’clock was dubbed “The Green Hour” and is forever associated with creativity and aesthetic enlightenment. Our intrigue for spirit origins and mystique, along with the infamy surrounding this beverage was intoxicating and although its reputation turned out to be more fiction than fact, that Green stuff does inspire the formation of glorious Rituals, philosophical contemplations and inspirational creative flair.

Partaking in Absinthe Rituals will always lead one to ponder…. Who are you? Who am I? or maybe ….. who are we? At Murray’s Distillery Think Tank Our Green Stuff is Absolem an Absinthe Liqueur. Made with traditional Wormwoods (ensuring low Thujone), Native Myrtles and other Herbs and Spices this sweetened version is ready to sip. Spectacular simply over ice or as part of a cocktail.  Make this beautifully crafted beverage a new part of your weekly unwinding Ritual and get those creative sparks flying.

350ml                                     30% ABV

Infamy          Creativity          Ritual           Inspiration 

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