First Rain

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Sublime Aperitif

Catalysed by ‘High Tea with Mrs Woo’s’ concept of fashion unravelling a great yarn, Distillery Think Tank has crafted a Mrs Woo’s aperitif with its own story and meaning. Designed using time-honoured distilling and infusion methods, this hand-crafted aperitif incorporates the childhood tastes of the Mrs Woo’s family combined with Australian native herbs, and is sure to inspire many legendary Yarns.

350ml ABV 25%

Benefits: The perfect pre dinner aperitif to kick start your palate.

Organic and Wild Crafted Ingredients: Pureh, Chrysanthemum,  Anise Myrtle, Oolong,  Bloack Gojo, Ginger, Tienchi Ginseng.

Description:  The Dry Season in Kuala Lumpar is hot, intense heat and big city hustle the spell is broken by the first rain – a  cleansing release. Malaysian tea tonics blend with native Australian Ingredients to create this beguiling aperitif. A sublime collaboration by Slow Fashion Brand High Tea with Mrs Woo and craft Distillery think tank

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